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May 03 2015

Wolę przyjemną ciszę niż niewygodne rozmowy każdego dnia.
— bez tej ciszy przyjaźni nie ma.
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Mercury reflecting light (x)

so THAT’S what anime tears are made of

That…that makes a lot of sense now…

Symptoms of Mercury poisoning include:

Greying of the Hair.


Bleeding Excessively.

Loss of body hair.

Bulging eyes.

Insomnia and sleeping during the day.

Every anime character actually just has a really REALLY bad case of mercury poisoning and they dont know it!

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Stanisław Barańczak
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National Geographic photographers are metal as fuck

sir your feet are casually on fucking fire

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When you end up doing all the work on a group project

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Poznan, Poland, 70'
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przez żarty mówi się wiele prawdy
— autopsja
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